Artist Spotlight: Tariq “Tyrak” Moore

There are some pieces of art that make me literally stop in my tracks. Due to the wide variety of artwork that the internet supplies, it has become increasingly difficult for pieces to have that effect on me. This kid right here… this kid right here? He doesn’t just have the juice. He has the sauce.

At 20 years old, Tariq spends his days either working on his art, or working to make more art. Fresh out of high school, the young man spent a great deal of his savings to move to Singapore, all for the opportunity to professionally study various hand drawn art styles. After two years of grueling practice, he has returned to the US looking to hone his other artistic skills as well. His current focus? Photography.





Currently our young artist has been focused on capturing both the endless feeling of youthful summer days, and the rebellious free-spirited goonery of summer nights. Local concerts sporting a wide range of genres, gangs of heat-tortured skaters, living purely in the moment of letting everything go. Moore searches out these moments in the hope of capturing even a piece of their essence.

At such a young age, our artist still has hills to climb and bridges to cross. In order to become a professional, years of fine tuning and self-reflection are necessary. But there’s a hint of greatness in his work that continues to make me stop and stare, and sometimes relive similar moments as the ones he’s done such a fine job of capturing.

If you enjoy his work, be sure to follow him here, on Instagram.


David “DC” Collins



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