Ingrid Goes West Made Me Quit the Internet (In A Good Way)

If you clicked on this link via any kind of social media, there’s a pretty good chance that you, no matter how basic your Twitter feed might be, can relate or at least understand the goings on in the movie Ingrid Goes West.

Determined Designs #0: Concepts of Game Design

Whether I consciously knew it or not, game design has always been one of my biggest passions. It started as early as when I played the Pokemon TCG in 5th-6th grade. I’d make up new cards or different variations (like a Dragonball Z version, I was a proud kid). For a long time of my life, I put aside that interest. Hobbies come and go so easily (or so I thought). I don’t remember what came first, but sometime in 2010 my sister sent me a picture of a piece of paper taped to an old Goldeen card. It was one of my Goku cards from my made up game as a child. My game design passion came off the shelf again and I couldn’t get enough.